Craig Tashjian

Craig Tashjian is a residential mortgage professional.  He specializes in educating clients and making the financing process less mysterious and overwhelming.

The financing process in a divorce situation can be complicated and stressful.  Craig uses a consultative approach before you go down the path of divorce so you are informed of your options.  He helps you prepare for the purchase or refinance of the marital home or to buy a new home. He will sit down and listen to your goals.

Craig has been a child of divorce since age 5.  He experienced firsthand what it was like to be raised by a single parent. He was fortunate to have several extended family members close by but recognizes that many people don’t have this safety net.  As a mortgage professional, he has helped many divorced couples with difficult financing decisions. Vesta will allow him to help many more with these difficult decisions and collaborate with other divorce professionals in the process.

Craig has had a mortgage lending practice for over 35 years. He graduated Cum Laude from Boston College with a B.A. in History and Secondary Education.  He has completed several graduate MBA courses at Bentley University as well as certificate programs for personal and educational growth in the mortgage field. As a licensed Loan Originator, he completes continuing education each year.

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Tel: 617-417-2966