Carrie Guarrero

Carrie Guarrero has had the honor of helping thousands of families reach their dreams, build worth, and advance their goals through homeownership in the decades she has served the public and real estate professionals as a mortgage loan officer. Carrie started young in the industry, and is now a team and industry leader. There is a lot of excitement when buying a first or a new home, but Carrie’s work and relationships with people extend far beyond closing because home financing is a large, central part of an individual’s and family’s financial picture. A home is one of the most basic needs that every person has whether they own or rent, and Carrie and her team are committed to helping people in all phases to make the most of their housing dollars and opportunities.

Carrie and her team work with everyone from first-time homebuyers to folks moving up, downsizing, remodeling or reorganizing, helping them to make informed decisions and keeping their long-term plans in mind. CG Home Loan Partners understands that homeownership builds stronger, healthier finances, neighborhoods, and communities.

Parents of seven children, Carrie and her husband, Dan, are also directors of The Village in Waterville, a non-profit, faith-based food shelf, community, event and retreat center.


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