Candi DeMoura

A licensed real estate professional since 2008, Candi is known for her focus on making herself available to serve the needs of her clients, hands-on approach and talent for marketing. Guided by a sense of responsibility to her buyers and sellers, she loves helping them identify the best possible course of action to fit their individual circumstances.

Purchasing a new home and getting a divorce are transformational events in someone’s life and Candi loves helping people transform their lives. Helping someone through the process of moving forward with their lives and achieving their personal goals is rewarding. She loves the process of coaching someone through the process of making a difference in their financial and personal lives.

Candi joined Vesta because Vesta is truly making a difference in peoples lives. She knows so many people who are unhappily married and stay married for financial reasons or for their children. Candy thinks Vesta can give people the tools needed to transform their lives and help them move forward with their dreams and goals.

Candi entered the real estate industry after graduating from the University of Massachusetts. She has never questioned her decision to become a Realtor because she loves meeting people from all walks of life and working with them on what is often one of the most important decisions they ever make.


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