Andrea McGrath, CDFA® CFP®

Andrea is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), a Retirement Income Chartered Professional (RICP) and a Chartered Retirement Planning Councilor (CRPC) whose primary focus is to help divorcing individuals achieve financial independence and sustainability before, during and after divorce. By performing short- and long-term financial analysis as well as providing creative settlement solutions, Andrea will provide you with peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible and can go the distance. 

Andrea’s experience with divorce is through her husband. He was at the tail end of his divorce when they met and she became a bonus mom to his two then-teenage daughters after they married. She has experienced the inner workings of divorce from a bird’s eye view. Having realized early on that her stepdaughters already had a devoted mother, she recognized that her role should not interfere or overshadow that in any way but instead complement it. She led by living a good example of what it means to be an independent, self-reliant businesswoman while at the same time being a positive, encouraging, motivating and generous woman.  She also encouraged her husband to act and not react, to take the high road whenever possible and to realize that by dealing directly with his teenage daughters he would forge a better relationship with them. Today the girls are in their 20’s and share a close and wonderful relationship with their dad and Andrea. 

Andrea brings a unique business background to her practice. A 1988 graduate of Suffolk University with a BS in Sociology, Andrea entered the insurance business with her dad, a life/pension professional who also owned a Property Casualty Insurance Agency. Initially she learned the ropes of running the insurance agency but soon gravitated over to the financial services side of the house and secured her securities licenses and credentials. As an Invest Advisory Representative with VOYA, Andrea has helped many clients develop successful financial plans encompassing retirement, Social Security, Medicare, education planning, pensions, annuities, life, disability, and long- term care insurance as well as tax-exempt market vehicles such as 457s and 403Bs. 

It was through her planning business that she first got introduced to working with clients who were going through a divorce and didn’t know where to turn. They were distraught with emotion and uncertainty. Their response to the help she was able to provide them awakened a passion that she never realized before. She knew at that moment that her focus needed to be on providing guidance, support, sound financial advice and technical expertise to divorcing individuals. This passion shift prompted her to step down from running her insurance agency and promote family members to take over the reins so that she can devote herself to becoming the best Certified Divorce Financial Analyst she can be. Andrea has joined Strategic Divorce Planning where she provides support, guidance and financial expertise to those divorcing individuals as well as post-divorce support for those clients that require asset management, asset retitling, QDRO facilitation and financial planning. 

Andrea’s association with Vesta allows her to educate and guide those who are contemplating or in the midst of a divorce and help them maintain focus and structure so they can achieve better outcomes. To her it is not just about the numbers — It’s about the person. It’s about instilling in her clients to be better and not bitter and to take any negative energy surrounding their current circumstances and turn it around and reinvest it back into themselves to be who they want to be. Andrea’s message is: “Don’t let your divorce define you, let it inspire you.”


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