Alan Kinzel, RCS-D

Alan is a licensed real estate professional with 20+ years of  mortgage, real estate investing and brokerage experience.


Alan Kinzel’s dad was a weekend farmer from whom he learned a lot about life. When a neighbor had a problem in this small community, everyone dropped what they were doing to help them get back on their feet. That is how he grew up thinking the world should be.  He applies this passion to help people with unique real estate needs and doing more than what is expected.  From this upbringing and ingrained values,  Alan specializes in helping his clients in times of life transitions like probate, trust and divorce.


Alan not only cares about helping people in their time of need but he has also earned the education that is the foundation for the experience he provides his clients.  He is a Divorce-Trained Collaborative Real Estate Specialist, has his MBA, and Bachelor degrees in Economics and Finance. He also previously owned a national mortgage company as well as a local construction firm, which provide a unique experience and perspective while serving his clients.


Attorneys and mediators often refer their most challenging cases to Alan.  They do so because they want to be assured that all the due diligence is properly completed, conflicts of interest are avoided and profits are maximized.  Additionally, Alan has been a popular guest speaker regarding real estate and divorce for many events throughout San Diego, received top reviews from clients, won numerous awards, and is passionate about giving back to the community.

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Tel: 619-606-8188