Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi is the Regional Manager of the Los Angeles based Houston Properties, in Beverly Hills, with more than 24 years of experience as a Residential and Commercial Loan Originator. He started his career as an Accountant and Auditor and found that financing of Real Estate was his true passion.

Vince believes that excellent customer service is what sets him apart in the mortgage industry. He thinks the quality of the experience as well as an awareness of the marketplace and it’s many products helps him match his client’s needs with the best rates, terms, loan-types.

Houston Properties has more than 54 residential and 32 commercial lending relationships that help serve any and all real estate needs from Veteran loans, first time home buyer programs, conventional, non-conventional, bank statement income loans, asset depletion, reverse mortgages, hard money and any/all commercial loans (multi-family, churches/synagogues, strip malls, mixed-use.) The corporate philosophy of speed, accuracy, service and satisfaction carries though all of Vince’s work as evidenced by many life-long clients. Vince has closed more than $20 million or more consistently for the past 12 years.

Vince received his B.A. in Economics and Accounting from University of New Hampshire, a graduate certificate in Accounting from New Hampshire College, and a Masters in Psychology from Phillips Graduate University.

Why Vesta: Divorce can be a devastating life change that impact the rest of your life and the lives of your children. I have seen this first hand when my sister went through a very difficult divorce and without the knowledge and experience of handing the finances, she was lost. In working with her and many other clients through the years, I found great satisfaction for those who needed help in navigating the complicated waters of real estate and the financing. In helping these individuals get on their feet, stay in their family home, find alternative ways of financing a new home, or starting over with some confidence in their future. I have made many meaningful relationships though this work by being there to help when someone really needed someone to trust.

How can I help: In my personal time for the past many years, I volunteered for an LA Foster Youth program which lead to a journey into pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology. My degree has led me to be a better listener and better at understanding and meeting the needs of my clients. I have found in the last few years since obtaining my degree, I hear and understand the world in a very different way that bleeds into my own business.


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