Brendan Farrelly

As a Financial Advisor and Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Brendan helps his clients create and protect their wealth using prudent risk management techniques and a holistic/wide-angle approach to maximize cash flow now and in retirement. Brendan’s areas of specialty include wealth management, estate planning & transfer strategies, investments, retirement income, life insurance and long-term care insurance.

Brendan has worked with many families, including close friends, going through divorce and has seen first-hand how proper financial education and planning can ease stress in the short term during the separation and divorce phases. He excels at being there for his clients and with their immediate needs, and more importantly, making sure the key decisions during this difficult time lay the groundwork for a secure and successful future.  To further his expertise in this area, Brendan recently completed divorce financial analyst coursework.

Brendan has always had a passion for the financial industry, earning his degrees in Economics with an emphasis on Finance from San Diego State University in 2002. Prior to starting his financial services practice, Brendan worked as a Project Manager in residential development and became a licensed general contractor in 2008. The pain felt by so many during the economic crash, led him back to his true passion of finance. As a Financial Planner, Brendan is able to help clients and loved ones through the difficult times in life and secure an optimistic future.

Born, raised and living in North County San Diego, you can find Brendan enjoying the surf on the weekends or on the soccer pitch with friends at the Encinitas YMCA. Brendan is also an active member of the community as a 6-year board member of ElderHelp of San Diego, an organization dedicated to helping seniors maintain independence in their own home.

Brendan is a founding member of the Carlsbad Vesta hub and passionate about the coordinated emotional, financial and legal support that Vesta is bringing to families in his community.


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